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The Unit in "Unit Tests"

In the last month, I heard a lot about the "'unit' in 'unit test'", as in "the unit being tested". If you do that, stop.

The thing about "unit tests" is not that they are "tests for a system unit" but that "the test must be a unit" -- in other …

Dear Github Maintainers

A rebuttal to "Dear Github".

Couchbase Example and REST

Let me start this by pointing that I'm a RESTnazi: I'm the kind of guy that will get into a fight with anyone that says things like "Ok, that's because this is just REST, not RESTful" because... well, because, there is no diference between REST and RESTful.

And today I …

The Day I Found My Old Code

Found a piece of code I wrote 2 years ago, following a lot of linters. I'm amazed how readable the code still is.

Agile vs Culture: The Story of Outliners

When the culture goes againt agile.

The Sad Life of Walter Mitty

I once wrote about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and how nice story about a guy outgrowing his daydreams.

But today I realized I see everything wrong.

The second time I watched the movie, in the scene Walter talks to Todd (from E-Harmony) on the top of the Himalayas …

Oscars 2015 by the Buzz

A few months ago, I shared a link with my predictions for the Oscars 2015. But the only thing I did was to show who I thought it would win but not why. Here I'll try to explain why I pick each one as my pick. And the reason is …

Announcing JulioBiason.Net 3.0

Short version: New blog URL, engine and layout.

Long version: For a long time already, I've been thinking about using a static blog generator. Not that there is anything wrong with dynamic blog engines (and I'm a long time WordPress user, without any issues, specially since my hosting company -- Dreamhost …